Top 5 Faves


Bobbi Brown Night Cream:

Night cream was something that I never thought was necessary to add to my already quite lengthy skin routine, but when I was in the store I was persuaded by the ever cunning sales people. However no regrets, this is the best thing to happen to my skin. I use this every night after taking my makeup off. Honestly this transformed my skin before I started using it I had broken out and after just a couple of days of using this my skin was visibly better. The one thing that I am undecided on is the smell, I can’t decide if I love it or really hate it. It has white birch extract in it and I think this is the smell but in the pot I don’t really like the smell but once its on my face I begin to really like it, so undecided on the smell. Other than that I could not rave about this enough. It is a little on the pricey side but so worth it.

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener:

As a person with serious under eye bags this product is much needed. I searched high and low for the perfect thing and this is it, well I think so. This can’t be used alone to cover up my bags but when used with a corrector underneath it brightens up the under eye area and stops me looking so tired. It has a very sheer finish but this helps it not to look caked under the eyes. But most importantly this stuff does not crease, there is nothing worse than caked creased makeup under the eye and with this that, will not happen.

Morphe 35O palette:

Everyone needs this palette, not even joking. I cannot believe the price you pay for the amount of shadows as well as the quality. The matte shades blend so smoothly and the metallic / shimmery shades are really pigmented. I really like the warmer undertones for this palette because I have quite a (very) fair skin tone and they compliment it well. I also enjoy being a bit more experimental with the colours and the different looks you can come up with as there is such a variety of colours to choose from. I thoroughly recommend the Morphe palettes and have already convinced two of my friends that they too, need (at least) one in their lives!

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara:

Everything about this mascara makes me love it. I thought I was a real ‘bristle’ brush girl when it came to mascara but since using this one and the Benefit ‘They’re Real’, plastic wands are much better for my eyelashes. The Max Factor mascara really doesn’t look anything fancy but it lengthens, separates and defines my lashes more than any other I have found. It doesn’t budge throughout the day, doesn’t irritate my eyes but is also super easy to remove at night, could it get any better?! I am usually really high-maintenance and use two different mascaras for my top and bottle lashes but since using this I only feel the need to use one. Currently on my second tube and I am hooked. I think that for a drugstore mascara its at the pricey end at around £10 but if it’s the only mascara I have to buy now, I’m really not that bothered!

Moroccan Oil:

Pretty sure this hair oil has actually changed my life. I’m someone with very dry ends, even after a hair cut and so this is exactly what I need. Apart from basically being a miracle oil it also has the most exquisite smell. To me it smells like holiday but it has become part of my personal scent as when people smell the Moroccan Oil, they say that it smells like me. You need the smallest amount for it to feel like your hair is completely rejuvenated which is good because I’d hate for it to run out and have to live without it. I’ve tried so many oils before and none come even close to this. You can use it on wet hair to leave it feeling super silky or dry hair to tame frizz and leave a shiny finish. I’m pretty sure everyone could benefit from Moroccan Oil.

It was so hard cutting it down to only 5 products between us but we didn’t want to recommend products for the sake of it so, of course, we have more than 5 ride-or-die products between us but we thought we’d share our total favourites that we have repurchased again and again.

Hope you enjoyed our first post and will see you again soon.

Annie & Hannah xo


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