Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Review

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Review

So this product is pretty new to the market and when I saw it, I got quite excited. I’m a massive fan of the original Micellar cleansing water so knew I had to give this one a go. It retails for £2.99 in Boots and you get 200ml of product.

With the original Micellar water, I buy the bottle with the pink cap as this is the one for sensitive skin and as I have been buying it since this was the only one in the range, I’ve never changed or looked at the other options available (e.g. the one for oily skin or the oil-infused one). However, when I saw this new launch, I bought both the sensitive (pink) option as well as the oily to combo (green) option as well, just to see whether they would be different. The oily to combination formula claims to mattify and remove impurities.

The reason I chose to trial the oily to combo version is because I do believe I have combo skin. I am always a greasy mess at the end of the day but when applying my makeup in the morning, I almost always have patches of dry skin that don’t like to blend and cling onto the makeup horribly.

My initial reaction is that, yes, it does its job, it removed my makeup efficiently. However, I am not sure this is my favourite way of washing my face. I use my cleansing stage to remove my makeup completely as well as cleaning my skin. I usually use some sort of oil-based (like the Emma Hardy amazing face) or something like the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. To me, these seem more nourishing than the Garnier Micellar gel.

The instructions on the bottle say to apply to a wet face which I’m not sure I was a fan of at all because I had a full face of makeup on and putting water on first was unnatural. When applying the ‘gel’ I used about 3-4 pumps and I feel like that was a lot when I use 1 pump of my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I used my fingers to massage this into my face and then a warm, damp muslin cloth to remove the product. I did try with just my hands but then realised I wouldn’t know when my face was clean and also didn’t feel like I’d get everything off properly without the cloth. As you massage it into the skin and add water it turns into a milk-like substance which, again, isn’t my favourite as it’s quite thin and watery. This makes me think it’s not going to be very hydrating for my skin.

I’d also like to mention that this STINGS LIKE A MOTHERF- when you get it in/near your eyes and most of my other cleansers don’t. I often wear quite a lot of eye makeup and so like to use my cleanser to get right into the roots of my eyelashes and oh. my. god. I’d never do this again! It does say that it is suitable for eyes and lips so I didn’t expect it to burn my eyeballs like it did. The Micellar water doesn’t do this at all so it must be the new texture or something of the product.

Overall, I think this product did clean my skin efficiently. I even went back in a second time with one extra pump afterwards to see if any product was left over, and it wasn’t so I was impressed with that. However, the texture of this product wasn’t my favourite and I do feel like my skin is quite tight afterwards.

I think for the price, this product is good value but I do think I will stick to using the Micellar water from the range instead.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought of the new release from Garnier.

Annie xo



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