Winter Wardrobe Staples

Hi guys, so I thought I would share with you some winter wardrobe staples. They are things that I think are pretty much a necessity during the winter months. I will share 5 staples and give you a spend, splurge and save option for each staple so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

Okay, so my first staple, is something that I think everyone needs, like seriously needs. Black skinny jeans, these just go with everything in winter. I wear them pretty much everyday because they are just so easy but look sophisticated, casual or whatever you want them to be. Also, I personally think that black jeans are very flattering on all shapes and sizes as black is such a slimming and forgiving colour so makes a perfect base to any outfit.

Splurge: on these high waisted Allsaints jeans that are made of the most wonderful stretch denim that is so comfortable for everyday. As a proud owner of these jeans I could not recommend them enough.

Spend: on Topshop Jamie jeans a cheaper alternative to the Allsaints jeans. They are made of a similar super soft denim and are renowned for their versatility.

Save: with these Boohoo Lara jeans, at a quarter of the price of the Allsaints jeans these are essentials on budget and not to be missed!


One thing that I couldn’t live without is that essential tee, that you can wear alone on warmer days or layer up on the colder ones. Having the perfect tee is a must as it can work so many different ways with so many different outfits. Also on days when you are running late or simply just can’t really bothered to think to hard about what you are putting on a tee that looks stylish but is easy to throw on, without it looking like you have done so can be an essential.

Splurge: At £95 this might seem like a lot for a tee, however for price per wear this item is definitely a worthwhile investment. Luxury form fitting stretch jersey? Yes please.

Spend: with ASOS the perfect place to find those everyday essentials like this at a reasonable price tag with good quality.

Save: At Newlook and get two for £12 these really are value for money and look great on.


A trend that I save seen more and more of this A/W season is the chunky roll neck sweater. This is a look that I absolutely love. Honestly is there actually anything better than being super warm, snuggly and looking on point at the same time? There is just no downside to this trend and there are so many options out there, so no matching jumper disaster.

Splurge: If you saw my fashion wish list you may have seen that I was lusting after a Isabel Marant sweater in this style. However not wanting to repeat myself, I found another luxury chunky knit sweater without too much difficulty. There are so many beautiful ones!

Spend: This is the most beautiful colour. Words do not describe the how much I love this spectacular pastel pink shade.

Save: This is a complete steal at £20. Really you just can’t go wrong as it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Perfect alternative to more expensive options!


Obviously, a coat is a essential in winter. That is a no brainer right? I prefer a coat that is timeless and not likely to go out of fashion so can you go far wrong with a structured collar blazer style coat. No I would argue not. This are so simple that they will not draw from your outfit but just finish it of it elegant, refined, style.

Splurge: Another Allsaints beauty. I know I’m obsessed. What can I say this girl just loves Allsaints. This coat is a light hue of grey which makes it perfect for winter and autumn as it is not too dark and can be paired with either winter or autumn shades. It is also a wonderful length, as a person who really dislikes long coats flapping around my legs this jacket length coat is just what I want.

Spend:  This has the most beautiful structure to the coat. Which considering the price tag is actually amazing. A really good buy in my opinion.

Save: Doesn’t ASOS just have everything a girl could want? This ASOS own pea coat is such a stylish twist on the classic pea coat and very on trend with the dusty pink colour that just appears to be everywhere.


I must say that, I have a weakness where ankle boots are involved, especially black ones. So that is why a pair of black ankle boots will have to be my final winter wardrobe staple. I prefer boots with a small heel just because they give me a little lift but mostly, because I just prefer the look of a shoe with heel.

Splurge: These are by no means cheap, but Annie Bing creates the most beautiful boots and these studded cowboy style boots are no exception. The quality is totally outstanding and 100% worth investing in.

Spend: I have these boots and have had for over a year and hand on heart are the most amazing boots ever. When I bought them my feet had just shrunk, yes shrunk. No idea why that happened but none of my shoes fit and I couldn’t find any more that were comfy. So I decided to invest and that was one of the best decisions of my life. Well maybe not my life, but I have no regrets.

Save: Public desire have great on trend shoes. These boots fit the bill perfectly they are simple suede boots with a heel. They look great and for the price are pretty brilliant.


Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed. Please leave any thoughts in the comments down below. Speak soon.

Hannah xo






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