Frills Trend, Hit or Miss?

Welcome back, to a chat about a new trend:

The frills trend has been around for a while it feels and I haven’t been sure about it. Simply  because I don’t like to invest into a trend that will be gone by the end of the week. But I think this frill trend may be sticking around. I believe this because frills have started to be in the high-end market where there are more classic items which makes me feel more comfortable and confident that I’m buying into a dying trend.

Frills wouldn’t typically be my normal style. Little bit girly, for my biker jacket style. However, for some reason I do actually love this trend. Anyone that knows me will be scratching their heads, thinking Hannah are you feeling alright? Yes fine thanks, but I have recently just developed a love for frills and baby pink items. This is a massive stand out in my monochrome wardrobe. However there is somewhere I draw the line. This line is by no means blurred, there really are so truly hideous frilly numbers out there.

Let’s start with jumpers, so there are definitely some out there that I really love. For example this MM6 Maison Margiela which admittedly is quite pricey but I love the frill detail on this, it is simple enough that it isn’t overpowering but is a subtle way to play into the frill trend. One of my favourite stores also stocks a great version of this trend the frilled merino wool knit by & other stories. This store is my amazing so many trends but also timeless classics – just love it. But the frill detail on this jumper is far more symmetrical, this I feel however is more of a spring choice due to the fact that I don’t think that it will sit well under a coat. The frill detail deserves to be seen not drowned under a coat. This jumper comes in so many beautiful shades the grey and the pink would probably be my choices. However, I don’t love all jumpers in this trend this Topshop jumper for me falls in the don’t love category. The frills on the shoulders make it look bulky and would broaden out even the narrowest of people. Also the sleeves, words do not describe how much I dislike it. I wouldn’t mind it if the sleeve ended in the frill but the cuff inside the frill is what really does not do it for me.

Smart tops, also part of this frill trend. Now there is a top that I absolutely adore. This Ted Baker top called Zania is a truly beautiful lace frill top. This would be the perfect smart casual top, work, drinks whatever – it just works. I would pair it with a simple short black a-line skirt for the perfect smart casual look. Maybe one like this? I just can’t get enough of tops like this, the detail is just so stunning and it isn’t cheap but it definitely looks more expensive that it actually is. Definite hit for me. However, this nude frill top from Missguided really is not my thing. The frill detail for me is too large and really overpowers this top. To be honest I don’t love nude tops in general, if you want to look naked might as well just be naked. This for me is no exception except the nude frills just look like skin frills – not attractive.

Finally from me, frill hem jeans. This for me is a no, no, no. I just can’t see any way for them to be styled nicely. So to me there it is no surprise that all of these are in the ASOS sale. Thank god people aren’t buying them. I don’t think I could bear seeing these all over the streets. I would have to hide until the trend died out. I have no doubt though that there will be someone out there who can make these look good, however that person is not me and they are just not my taste. So this final frill look for me is a miss.

That’s, all from me today. Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading. Do you guys have any thoughts about this trend? Let us know in the comments below.

See you soon.

Hannah xo


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