What’s in My Bag?

It’s Wednesday! Finally the middle of the week. The weekend is so close yet so far. So today I am going to share with you guys, what is in my bag. These are my everyday essentials that I carry with me everywhere with me. In this post I will also share the makeup bag full of my everyday essentials, that I can’t live without. So, hope you enjoy this post and without further ado….

My bag pretty much contains my life, because I am one of those people that always overpacks; whether it be for holiday or just my everyday bag. So I have quite a large bag to accommodate for my over packing tendencies. My bag was a recent purchase from nine west. I am in love! I wanted a bag that was big enough to hold my laptop when I need to carry it around but also didn’t look ridiculously large when just taking it shopping. This bag quite honestly ticks every box for me. I just adore everything about it – perfect size, lots of pockets, black with lighter detailing. The one thing that I don’t like is the pattern on the inner lining but I love everything else about the bag so much that I am willing to overlook this minor dislike.

The one thing that I like to carry in my bag with me at all times is an umbrella because living in England means that whether it be January or August there could be a downpour at the drop of a hat. So I like to stay prepared and carry my umbrella with me at all times. My glasses are something that I always try to carry around with me but like an old granny I am always leaving them all over the place. Another one of my little favourites to carry around is a small diary, I am a sucker for stationary and I love this little diary from Paperchase. It helps me to try to remember what work I have to do when, so in the vague hope of keeping everything together there is polka dot diary. I also carry pens with me just incase I need one for X or Y. I also carry my sunglasses to try to show the optimistic side of me and counteract always carrying a umbrella. Also, one of my absolute essentials is my Bodyshop hand sanitiser, I love the smell of it and I like to use it when I have been out and about or before I eat.

Obviously, in my bag is my wallet. I actually sort of have two. I like to carry my essential cards in a card holder because it is easy to slip into my pocket and have to hand. But I do have a larger wallet to house my ridiculous collection of loyalty cards. For some reason, I am unable to say no to a loyalty card. In my head I am somehow saving money by spending money. Not really true but you know, it’s nice to think. I try to throw away my old receipts but it seems like a never-ending battle. Whenever I throw some away, the next time I look, 10 have appeared where I threw 2 away. On one side of my wallet I have my bank cards and on the other I have my loyalty cards so one side is a little bit fatter than the other. There is a coin slot in the middle of my wallet which is usually empty because I hate carrying cash because it is just so heavy.

My everyday makeup bag contains those essentials that I couldn’t go through the day without. The bag is a silver glitter Kate Spade bag that I received for Christmas. It is the perfect size to fit neatly in my bag and but also contain those essentials. Firstly, I have a limited edition Vaseline in pink bubbly. I love this for top ups during the day. It is so hydrating and has a very subtle light pink tint which just adds a certain pop mid-day. I also have two sample Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks should I feel that I need some colour. Hand cream, another one of those essentials that you need daily. I have a small L’Occitane one that smells like roses and gives my hands that instant hydration they sometimes need when on the go. I also like to carry moisturiser with me. I depot some of my favourite Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream into a small pot to keep in my makeup bag. I have an essential oil by L’Occitane, I just love the smell of this and it really helps to hydrate and smooth my skin. I am very prone to headaches so I like to have some tablets with me just incase I happen to get headache whilst out and about. Finally, I have my small perfume, which I got in my L’Occitane advent calendar, this smells wonderful a floral scent that is not too sweet.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your handbag essentials are in the comments below. Annie and I will be back writing a post together on Friday so look out for that.

Hannah xo


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