L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask Review

You must have seen these around recently because they are EVERYWHERE so we thought we’d share our opinions on them with you.

There are three different ones that all do different things. The detox one detoxifies and clarifies, the glow one brightens and exfoliates, and the purity one purifies and mattifies.

It seems like they offer three different levels of intensity with the black, detox one being the most intense and the peachy, glow one being the least.

You can use these masks on their own, however you can also “multimask” with them. This gives you the option to detox the areas that maybe you have more pores or where you are feeling clogged. Then pop the purify on areas that maybe don’t need such an intense mask as detox but still feel like they need purifying. Finally you could put the glow mask on areas of skin that you maybe feel are a bit dull and just need an injection of brightness into them.


This mask literally strips your pores of everything nasty and does exactly what it says on the tin, detoxes. It’s super intense and we’ll be honest, if does leave the skin feelings quite dry and tight afterwards so a thorough moisturise is totally necessary afterwards. You only really need a small amount of this mask as if you put too much on it doesn’t dry quick enough. Then if you leave it on until it’s dry it can leave you skin feeling a bit stripped. However this mask does work it makes the skin feel detoxified, just a side effect of that is the slight tight skin feeling. Side note: it smells like sexy man!


We’d say this was a pretty good middle-man between the other two in the range. Whilst the detox one completely strips the skin, We’d say this mildly cleanses and doesn’t leave the skin feeling as tight but also doesn’t do as an intense job as the detox one does. It’s got quite a spa-like scent which is nice a relaxing to smother all over the skin.


This one doesn’t dry down like the other two do which means the skin doesn’t feel as dry afterwards. It also has little ‘bits’ in it which do, in fact, exfoliate. It smells fresher than the other two, slightly herbal with maybe a note of lemon or citrus or something – we can’t quite put our finger on it. We were apprehensive about buying this one because we are unlikely to ever pick a brightening product over a detox one and who needs a mask that exfoliates when you can have a scrub that does that anyway? Having said that, this is our favourite out of them all. Just overall a great mask to do 1-2 times a week that isn’t going to break the bank. It does look like you have a severe case of sunburn when you have it on, which may shock a few people. But, the refreshed feel your skin has after using is amazing and totally worth the sunburnt look for.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and that we might have inspired you to go out and buy one of these (or all of these) masks as we do really like and they are so affordable. Thank you for reading.

Annie & Hannah xo


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