Prep & Set: Making your Makeup Last

An on-going struggle for me is making my makeup last all day however recently I’ve come across some new products and tactics that have stopped my face slipping off before 5pm.

For me, the most important factor in maintaining your makeup throughout the day is making sure you’ve got a good base to start with. I have really amped up my skincare routine over the past few weeks and noticed a considerable difference. At night I use eye cream, facial oil, and intense lip balm and in the morning I use the same eye cream and lip balm followed by a couple of other steps that have made the world of difference.

To start with, I prime my skin. I use the Urban Decay B6 priming spray first as this really refreshes the skin and also makes me feel a bit more awake! I have always been one to use a mattifying or pore minimising primer to try and keep my oilier skin at bay, however, I have noticed a dramatic improvement now that I’m using the Too Faced HangoverX primer which is really hydrating and silicone free. I have also found an improvement to the pores on my face too, they are much smaller and less ‘clogged’ now that I’m not filling them with product. Additionally, this primer dries down with a tacky finish which is a perfect base for foundation to sit on top.

I also like to prime my eyelids so I take a tiny amount of the Urban Decay Primer Potion in original (I have the older packaging so still have to squeeze it out) and I put it all over my eyelids, from lashline to browbone, and then also take it under my eyes (it helps to prevent creasing) and then onto my nose. I have a real issue with the makeup on my nose wearing off throughout the day and this really helps to keep it locked into place. This product also has a slightly tacky finish so, again, works well as a base for other cream products to sit on top.

After applying foundation, concealer and sometimes cream contour, I set my face using loose, translucent powder and a pressed powder. I like to ‘bake’ underneath my eyes, around my nose, on the centre of my forehead, chin and jawline as this is where my makeup is most likely to wear off during the day. I then use my pressed powder everywhere else on my face and because I use the MAC studio fix, it adds a bit more coverage too which I will never pass up! I then sweep away the excess powder from where I have ‘baked’ with a yellow-toned pressed powder (I like the Kat Von D one from her contour palette or the banana powder from the ABH contour kit).

When it comes to lipstick, I feel my face is incomplete without it but I hate the look of dry, crusty lips so to ensure it looks good and feels nice on the lips, I always moisturise first with a lip balm of some sort. Also, if I’m going out or need my lipstick to last particularly long, I apply a thin layer of lipstick, pull apart the layers of a tissue so that it’s only one layer thick, put it over my lips and dust them with some loose powder as this locks everything into place. Not a necessary step for everyday but on a night out it’s always nice to know your lips are going to stay put!

Once I have finished the rest of my makeup, I then finish off with a shower of setting spray. My current favourite is Deslick from Urban Decay as it keeps my oily skin at bay however for a normal-drier skin type, I would recommend the AllNighter from Urban Decay.

I hope this post has been useful and would love to hear your tricks or of any products that have made your makeup last all day and all night!

Annie xo

Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray
Too Faced HangoverX Primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
RCMA No Colour Loose Powder
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Urban Decay Deslick Setting Spray


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