Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Where to start? This was sort of an impulse purchase but at the same time sort of not. In better words, I had wanted this palette for a while after I had heard such amazing things about it. So, it was on my mind and then I saw it sitting there in the store and I just could not resist, so it was purchased. I am weak I know but I cannot tell you how worth it, it was.

This palette is so versatile day, night whatever this palette is the perfect one for you. There are so many perfect shades. You know when you open a palette and you think mmm, I love 75% of this palette but the remaining 25% I really don’t think I will ever touch. Well, that is so not the case with this palette. I can honestly say that I will wear every shade in this palette. There is one very baby pink shade that at first glance I thought maybe not. But when you start to work with it and look at it with the other shades I began to realise, yes, I can wear that. And yes it will look great.

So, when it comes to swatches the top 2 rows don’t swatch brilliantly. Don’t get me wrong they swatch well but I was not completely blown out of the park. However, the bottom row made me go wow, seriously wow. Crème brûlée especially. This is a shimmer shade that it a goldish brown colour. That description really did it no justice. The swatches are in the pictures down below so have a look and see what I mean. Feel free to be as buzzed about crème brûlée as I am.

I thought that I would share with you some possible looks that you could do with this palette. For an everyday look with this, I like to start by priming my eyelids with Urban Decay primer potion so that the eyeshadows go on easier and have a bit more lasting power. After that, I would apply white chocolate from my lash line to brow bone as a base colour. This shadow is so beautiful and works perfectly as a base. Then to keep this look seeming subtle I would blend salted caramel into the crease. If I am honest this is my favourite shade in the whole palette. Then I like to press marzipan onto the lid, this creamy shimmer colour packs colour onto the lid perfectly. Then I would pop champagne truffle onto the brow bone and inner corner as a highlight. If you wanted to later turn this into a night look and you did not want to take your makeup off and start again, which I never do. Lazy old me. So to make this more of a night look I would want to smoke it out a little. Take gilded ganache or triple fudge depending whether you are feeling glitter or not. Pop either of those shades into the outer corner and outer creases to smoke out the eye look. Then blend down into the lower lash line. This should make your eyes really pop.

Overall, I could not rave about this palette enough. I really truly love it. The pigment of this palette really is amazing so colour payoff here really is not a problem. The shadows are also really blendable so no harsh lines. The selection of colours is so me, just perfect browns nudes and the perfect ratio of shimmer to matte shades as well.

My final thing to mention is going to have to be the scent. This completely smells like an actual chocolate bar. Sometimes I just open it just to smell it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that I may have inspired you to go and check out, maybe even buy this palette. If you have tried this palette I would love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments section.

You can shop the palette here.

Hannah xo



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