Holy Grail Series: Foundations

We thought that we would start a new series for our Friday posts. This is our Holy Grail series. We will share with you a different category each week of products that we love and can’t live without. This week is foundations. Hope you guys enjoy this kind of post.

Maybelline Fit Me (Matte+Poreless) Foundation:

Totally budget friendly and totally my favourite. This is better than any other foundation I’ve tried. It’s similar to the L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte but the colour and lasting power is much better; it’s less pink and has a more neutral undertone to it (I’ll never understand why brands produce pink undertoned products but whatever!) I prefer to apply it with a Beauty Blender as this gives me the fullest coverage however still applies really nicely with a brush; just gives a more sheer finish which is nice for an everyday makeup look. I’m pretty sure there are two different formulas for this foundation but because of my oiler skin type, I was naturally drawn to this one. It doesn’t ‘bunch up’ on my forehead as much as other foundations do and stays flawless around my nose much longer than anything else I have tried. I don’t believe there is an SPF in it but I live in England so that’s not a major concern for me – we don’t see the sun very often! You do have to powder it, however, I only know of a handful of foundations that you don’t so I can totally deal with this. It’s oil-free and has a matte/natural finish which is my preferred look for foundation (not a fan of looking overly ‘glowy’ all over my face). Other products sit well on top of it too and it’s just an overall winner, for me.

Urban Decay All Nighter:

So it seems that everyone either loves or hates this foundation, bit like Marmite. But I love it! The foundation that is, although I love Marmite too. So this does what it says on the tin, it lasts all night. Enough said? No, so this product really is amazing it is super full coverage but never looks cakey. That being said it is very matte so if you like that dewey skin finish this isn’t the product for you. This is really great for a night out as it hides literally everything and has the most amazing staying power but during the day you, if you are anything like me, may not want this. So because sometimes in the day I do want the coverage this foundation gives but maybe not such a matte look I like to mix this with my Cover FX customer enhancer drops to make it look a little more luminous for a more natural day look. Despite being so full coverage this doesn’t sit in your pores which is such a bonus! Also, my favourite thing about this product – no powder needed!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

So this really could not be more different to the All Nighter. This is a light coverage foundation which you could build to medium. I like to apply this with a beauty blender as I feel that is how I would get the right amount of coverage and have it all sit evenly on my skin. This foundation is great in the summer when you want something a little more natural and dewey. To be honest I would wear this all year round because I love the more natural look. This foundation however isn’t cheap but the range of colours is so amazing so you are almost guaranteed a colour match. One thing that does need to be added is powered. You could not get away with no shine for a whole day with this foundation so a bit of powder on the nose and forehead is really needed. But overall, I really love this foundation.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading

Annie and Hannah xo




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