Holy Grail Series: Loose Setting Powders

Hi, guys, we are back again with the next instalment of our holy grail series. This time we are talking about loose setting powders. Yes, the pesky product that seems to coat everything you own, especially mirrors! Just us? Anyway on with the post …

RCMA No Colour Powder:

I love this product for so many reasons: the price, the texture, the colour, however, the packaging is a pain in my ass! I’ve ended up decanting it into an old Laura Mercier tub I had in my draw and that has made application so much easier and I now waste so much less. One of the main ingredients is silica which blurs imperfections, fills in pores and fine lines and leaves a flawless finish. I like to bake with this product and feel less guilty wasting a little bit than I do when baking with the Laura Mercier because it’s not as expensive. Because it is colourless it would be suitable for most, if not all, skin tones which are a massive plus. Even though it’s not available to buy in store in the UK, I order mine online and it comes in a couple of days. I apply with a damp Beauty Blender as I find this gives me the most flawless finish. I have gone through about 2/3 of this and will definitely be repurchasing.

Cody Airspun Loose Powder:

I purchased this on Amazon after Tati Westbrook raved about it. It’s brilliant for baking and setting the face and is also budget-friendly. The only downfall with this product is that it has a very strong smell, almost like very sweet baby powder. I don’t mind it but I know some people are very sensitive to strong scents. Having said that, I think there is a fragrance-free version so that is worth checking out. I apply this with either a velour puff or Beauty Blender and then wipe the excess away with a small, fluffy face brush.

Laura Mercia Translucent Powder:

This is more of a recent purchase for me I bought it be I just wasn’t happy with my under eyes. I found that my concealer just wouldn’t stay put and I just didn’t think that it looked good. Which is the point of makeup really isn’t it. I just wanted to feel like my dark circles were being masked and being masked all day. So after hearing great things about this product and contemplating it for a while, I decide to take the plunge. Honestly, this stuff is amazing, you may be thinking that for the price you really hope it’s actually gold dust, it is so finely milled and glides onto the skin and feels like silk. Sometimes when you spend on makeup you can feel like the actual product doesn’t feel expensive the packaging may be amazing but the product doesn’t wow you well this isn’t the case here I just love the feel of this on the skin, it doesn’t cake and doesn’t feel heavy either. The one thing about this is that due to the nature of loose powder it does get everywhere not just on your face and sometimes I will look a patch that has landed on my mirror or dresser and just think, well that’s probably a lot of money that has just decided to sit on my mirror.

Thank you for reading, if you have tried any of these products or have similar holy grail products to us we would love to hear about it in the comments down below.

Annie and Hannah xo


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