How to Volumise your Lashes

Today, I thought that I would share with you how I do my eyelashes. I do this, not everyday but when I really want my lashes to stand out. I don’t like wearing false lashes as I find them tricky and don’t always like how they look on me. So this is my alternative:

I start by curling my eyelashes, I didn’t do this for so many years because I heard so many stories of people clamping them off. Literally my worst nightmare. But I don’t press too hard and have never had any problems. I also wouldn’t recommend curling when you have mascara on, as this is when the lashes are harder and more likely to be clamped off. I curl my eyelashes twice, once at the root and once in the middle of the lash; I find that this gives them a great lift and really helps the mascara reach its full potential. I take two steps in making sure my lashes are at their best so I use a lash primer followed by my mascara. I also like to wear the primer alone on days when I’m not wearing also of makeup or want a more subtle eye as it volumises and lengthens whilst leaving a natural tint.

I use Benefit They’re Real lash primer this elongates the lashes. I use this on both my top and bottom lashes. This has a brown tint which I really like for the bottom lash line; so is all I use on them.

The next step is optional, and kind of depends on what you are going for. If you want really intense lashes then go for this but if you want more of an everyday volumised look then feel free to skip this step. The first mascara I like to use is my Bobbi Brown mascara because this has a really small wand that reaches all of my smaller lashes and makes sure that they are all coated. This wand also gets rid of any clumps and ensures that the final result isn’t spidery lashes.

Finally, the last step: Benefit They’re Real Mascara. This range really does do what it says on the tin; gives you a false effect lash without the hassle. The two ‘They’re Real’ products work really well together, I would highly recommend. I only put this on my top lashes and I shut my eyes around the want to make sure that I get right down to the root. If I feel that I want more or there is a clump I use the end of the want which has what I can only describe as a “spiky ball”, worst description ever but I use this to work out any clumps and finish off the look.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post; maybe learnt something new or may try this out – let me know in the comments I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hannah xo




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