L’Oréal Fine Flowers Collection: First Impressions

So this collection jumped out at me when I was in Boots this weekend. About a month ago I decided to get the toner to replace my Liz Earle one as I was attracted to the fact that it has extracts of rose and jasmine in, and I’m a big fan of these scents.

Within the collection, there is a milk, gel-cream wash, toner, and cleansing wipes. I obviously couldn’t resist any of them so just bit the bullet and got everything. There were two different types of cleansing wipes so I opted for the normal to combination ones but there is also an option for dry skin too.

The products within the range include extracts of rose; which is known for its soothing and comforting properties, jasmine; which is renowned for its protecting and moisturising properties, and lotus; which protects and rebalances the skin.

This range is currently on sale in Boots so all products are under £4-5 which is really good. I paid £3.99 for the milk, £2.65 for the wipes, and £2.65 for the wash. I’m unsure how much the toner was because I bought this a while back but I think it was around the £3 mark. Definitely a win in my book!

Cleansing Milk

fullsizeoutput_e51This claims to remove makeup, cleanse, and nourish and is directed at dry and sensitive skin. I’m not someone that has overly sensitive skin, however, I am prone to redness or stinging if my skin doesn’t agree with a product. What drew me into this was the smell: rose and jasmine, I’m also a massive sucker for packaging and the colours of this range just did it for me.

My first impression of this is slightly undecided. Removing my makeup with a milk isn’t my favourite method however it did the job pretty well. To make a judgement of the two makeup removing products (wipes and milk) I decided to remove my full-face of makeup half and half (wipes on the right, milk on the left). I pumped the product onto a cotton pad and then wiped over my face. I found it left a slight residue on my skin but think I quite like that because it’s very moisturising however when I want my skin cleansed, I want it cleansed and my micellar water does the bare minimum which is all I ask from it really. It’s a difficult one because it’s doing more than I’d want it to; which is a compliment really haha!

I found it did sting my face ever-so-slightly but only on the patch of skin slightly below my eye but most new products sting that area because it’s the most delicate part of my skin. I have a feeling this may be because it is fragranced however I like the smell so it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation!

It took two cotton pads to take off the makeup from half my face so it wouldn’t take less than I do when using micellar water so I can’t give it points there. However, I really like the pump ‘applicator’ of this product as well as the fact that you get a lot of it for your money.

It says to use morning and night to clean the skin so I think that, instead of using it to remove my makeup at night, I might use it in the morning before I apply makeup to ensure my skin is super clean for the day.

Overall, a half good – half bad first impression. I wouldn’t ‘unrecommend’ it but I do think there are better products on the market to remove makeup.

Cleansing Wipes

fullsizeoutput_e52Like I said in my intro, I chose the normal-combo wipes as this is more suitable for my skin type. These didn’t leave the same residue that the milk left and I think I prefer that for a basic facial cleanse.

The wipes weren’t overly wet but still did a good job in removing my makeup. I would say that they did a better job than the milk in removing my eye makeup but, like most makeup removing wipes, did take a bit of scrubbing and tugging to remove all my mascara which is never too good!

The smell of the wipes is lovely, quite floral but not massively overpowering however, would probably say to avoid if you’re sensitive to flowery or botanical scents.


fullsizeoutput_e53The smell of this is my favourite thing about it and is what first made me keep using the product however there are now other factors that I enjoy about it too.

The texture of this product is completely different to any other toner I’ve ever tried. It’s almost a bit …slimy (?!) but it feels super moisturising and I really like it. It also dries down after a short while so doesn’t leave the skin feeling gross or anything. I’ve even made my mum try it and she said she also loves the texture of it but the smell is what she loved the most about it, just like me. I sound like a broken record but again, the smell. I just love it. To me, it’s super relaxing and I cannot get enough.

Overall, I really nice toner and whilst I don’t think I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin, immediately after application it feels softer and more moisturised and to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a massive difference from toners anyway which probably means I’m using one that’s a bit more budget-friendly!

Gel-Cream Wash 

fullsizeoutput_e54So after going on about the smell in the other products, it really isn’t that strong in this one, however, I may have just become nose-blind after over-exposure to it haha!

It is quite a runny gel texture which thickens as you rub it between your fingers. As you massage it into the skin it takes a bit of working in but as you begin to add water, it turns milky and is easier to work with. Initial impressions aren’t too good to be honest, I chose to splash my face with warm/hot water to remove it and it just didn’t work too well but thought if I used a face cloth it would just foam within the weave of the cloth and make it harder to remove so I’m not sure the best way to remove. Will have to experiment a bit more I think.

Afterwards, my skin was left feeling quite stripped. My dry patches, around my nose and on areas with breakouts, were quite flaky afterwards. Not a fan of this feeling and I’m pretty sure my Emma Hardy cleansing balm or Liz Earle cleanse and polish leave my skin feeling to same so that’s another downside to it.

Overall, I don’t really think I have space for this product in my routine because I already have a good makeup remover, and a couple of good facial cleansers so don’t really know what I’d do with it and it’s not good enough to replace anything I already use. Probably wouldn’t recommend this one.

I’d also like to add that it really doesn’t taste good (not that a face wash should…) so I’d hate to know how it would feel to get it in your eyes. Just like the Garnier Micellar Gel Wash I can imagine! (click here to read that review if you haven’t already) I worked this one into my skin but kept my eyes tightly shut after that traumatic experience haha!


To conclude, not a bad line. Really like the smell however, it will definitely be down to personal preference. My favourite out the whole line is the toner and it fits perfectly into my routine. Definitely check this one out next time you’re in Boots, check it out!

Hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried it out too.

Annie xo


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