Our Favourite Pancake Recipe

Happy pancake day!

Although it’s not usual for us to post on a Tuesday, we thought we’d make an exception because pancakes are something we make on a regular basis and have our recipe nailed.

We must admit, the recipe isn’t our own, it’s a Nigella classic but it’s delicious nonetheless and thought you definitely needed to know about it. It makes about 6 American-style pancakes, however, depends on the size you make them, obviously.

So, you will need:

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon white sugar
  • 2 large eggs (beaten)
  • 30g butter (melted and cooled)
  • 300 millilitres milk (sometimes we use almond milk)
  • 225g plain flour
  • butter for frying (optional)

There’s probably a specific order you should but all the ingredients in but we just bung it all in a big mixing bowl and beat together using a whisk. We haven’t really ever had a problem with lumps so just make sure you do give it a good beating. Additionally, we sometimes throw it all into the Nutribullet because Hannah has the big bad-boy one but a whisk works just as well.

We’ve also found that chilling the mixture down before cooking thickens it up slightly and seems to just make better pancakes. That means that they’re also really good the day after if you’ve got mixture left over (just keep it in the fridge).

A top tip from us would be to not make your pan too hot. We have an induction hob so we tend to stick at around a 6-7 which is a medium heat. We’d also recommend a non-stick pan (we’ve tried others and they’ve got nothing on the non-stick!). If you don’t have non-stick, melt a small knob of butter in your pan and spread it around before putting your batter in and repeat this process for each pancake you make; otherwise, you’ll be scraping your ‘pancake’ into the bin!

The trick is to leave it alone. Let it cook on the first side as this is the most important part to ensure the pancake is cooked through. This is also why you don’t want the pan too hot because it will burn the bottom of your pancake before it’s even had a chance to cook the middle.

Wait until tiny bubbles appear on the top and the surface to look a little less glossy. This way, when you flip it, it won’t splatter everywhere.

We’d then say that it would take probably about half the time it takes to cook the first side, to cook the second however will depend on how you like your pancakes cooked. Annie likes hers a golden brown colour and well cooked on the side; whereas Hannah likes them a little more doughy on the inside and a lighter colour on the outside.

We experiment with different toppings however current faves include salted caramel sauce (from a jar!), maple syrup and chocolate spread. You really cannot beat that.

That’s pretty much it! It seems cooking pancakes is over-complicated but it’s a truly simple recipe and we think that anyone can do it!

We’d love to know if you used our recipe if you’ve got a favourite too. Have a lovely pancake day and we’ll see you again tomorrow!

Annie & Hannah xo



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