How to Style Knee High Boots

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Today I thought I would share with you how I would style knee-high boots. This is a trend that we have been seeing a lot of recently and I think that they are so versatile. I found my inspiration for this post on Pinterest. If you are interested we share different looks we like and many other things on our Pinterest here.

So, to start how I would style knee-highs in the winter. I know we are coming out of winter a bit now, but let’s be honest if you are in England like me the cold weather is not going anywhere! My favourite look for winter is more of an over the knee boot. I would choose a suede over the knee boot because I think that having leather going over your knee may be a bit restrictive. Because the winter months are so cold I would wear a jumper dress or an oversized chunky knit. I would then wear black leggings or black very opaque tights. I love this look because chunky knit in the winter is so warm and comfy but can sometimes look a bit slobby. But the knee-high boots make it look more chic. If it was a particularly cold day, I would throw on a blanket scarf as well. What I love most about the knee-high boot style is that you can get away with not wearing jeans and can just wear comfy leggings. Is there anything more you could want from an outfit? I love the middle picture below where you can see the layers, this is a very on trend look. I would achieve this by wearing an oversized shirt under a chunky knit. This would look great as you would get to see the collar at the top and the shirt tail at the bottom which would give the outfit a more formal look.


So now for the autumn/ spring styling of knee-high boots. This is what I would wear with knee highs when the weather is a little bit cold but not freezing. I wouldn’t wear knee highs in the summer, mainly because I have black knee highs and they would look weird in summer but also because I just don’t like the look in summer, to me they are just too chunky. Also, imagine the shin sweat?! Anyway, in the warmer weather or should I say less cold weather? I would wear knee highs without any tights or leggings as you aren’t going to freeze and I think that the small amount of thigh showing is very flattering without showing too much leg. To do this I would wear either tailored shorts or a denim mini skirt. I would wear these items in black because I always wear black on my bottom half. I do this because I then feel like I can wear any colour on top. Or if I was going to dress this up for something more formal I would just wear some more black in a shirt or plain long-sleeved tee, tucked in. Another way I have seen people wear these is with a pinafore style dress with a shirt underneath. I think this just looks amazing it is such a preppy look. I just love the preppy look and to make it even more preppy you can wear a shirt with light frill detail.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and got some new ideas on how to wear this awesome trend. I would love to hear how you guys would style knee-high boots or if you have tried any of the styles above.


Hannah xo


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