Products I have used up – Thoughts and Reviews

Recently, I have been saving up the products that I have finished so that I could review and give my thoughts on them and share with you whether I would repurchase them or not. Having gone through the whole of the product hopefully I have a good idea of the product and whether I like it or not. There are a mix of products here with makeup and skincare.

So the first product is, a Nip + Fab kale fix mask. This is quite a small bottle considering they recommend that you use it twice a week. So, I got through it in not many uses. It is also quite pricey considering the size(£12.95). The formula is also quite strange, unlike most masks where you put them on then they dry down this one you when it dries down it turns transparent which is quite disconcerting and makes washing it off a bit difficult. As you can’t tell which part of your face you have washed. This mask also has a very distinctive smell which personally I like but others may not as it is by no means subtle. Overall, I would probably not repurchase this product as I find that it isn’t particularly amazing in terms of results and I would choose the L’oreal Masks over these.

Second up is kind of two products in one. They are the shower oil and milk concentrate from L’Occitane in the Amande range. I got these as deluxe samples in my advent calendar and have only just gone through them. As a side note, the L’Occitane advent calendar was really amazing and I would recommend to anyone looking for a beauty advent calendar next year. But the shower oil, was honestly perfect. It is a very thick oil that turns almost milky when you rub it onto your body under the water. It has a lovely smell and is very moisturising but also makes you feel very clean. As for the milk concentrate,it has basically the same scent as the shower oil which I just love. It is quite a light moisturiser, good for everyday but is not a thick moisturiser like a body butter so if you like that kind of formula this may not be for you. Would I buy the full size of these. Yes, I would definitely like to. I may wait to use up some of my other body moisturisers before I buy it. But the shower oil I may pick up next time I am passing a store.

Next is another body lotion, this one is by Garnier and is part of their ultimate blends range and is the honey treasure scent. This says that it is for very dry skin. It is a very thick formula more like a butter but comes out of a pump which I much prefer. I love everything about this product but most of all is the smell. It has such a rich beautiful scent. This is also very reasonably priced and yes next time I am in Boots I think I will pick up a new one.

While I was in Singapore, I bought a glow product collection in Sephora. Included in this was the IT cosmetics CC+ Illumination cream. I had heard so much about this product and along with the Becca shimmering skin perfecter was the main reason I bought the collection. The hype was so true about this product, and I just love it. This gives you so much coverage does not look cakey and last all day. Oh, and it feels like nothing on the skin. I hope to purchase this again but IT cosmetics is so hard to find in the UK. I also want to try the bye bye under-eye concealer in this collection.

Next up is very sad for me, my Benefit they’re real tinted primer. I use this every single day and I have loved it. I like to use it alone as well on days when I feel like wearing less makeup. This really gives length and volume to my lashes. I have spoken about this before in my post about How to Volumise you Lashes so I won’t bang on about it for too long but in the future I hope for repurchase this.

My everyday moisturiser has run out. The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream. This has been my go to everyday moisturiser for a while now and what I like about it is that it is a lightweight gel that sinks into the skin easily and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, which I hate. This has a very fresh smell and is a really nice scent to have on my face first thing in the morning. Also, the packaging; all Bobbi skincare has a similar lid which give the packaging such a luxurious feel. However it is in a tub so when you go to get some out it goes into you nails which personally I don’t like and I would prefer a pump. But as for repurchasing, I would highly recommend this and would buy it again but at the moment I want to look around at different moisturisers to see if I can get more as I would quite like one with SPF in it.

Sorry this post was so long, what can I say I had a lot I wanted to share here. I hope you that liked this style of post and if you have tried these products or have any recommendations leave them in the comments below.

Hannah xo




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