Luxury Handbag Wishlist

One of my favourite things to do is go into Selfridges and just browse the luxury handbags. I get such a kick just being in that department. But not living in London I can’t do this as often as I would like. So, I have to make do with Net-A-Porter. Which gives me a similar kick. So, to the point; I thought that given London Fashion Week has just passed and we are moving into spring; I thought that I would share with you the luxury handbags that I am loving this season. Then some dupes that are more within the average person’s price range. As a student, no luxury handbags for me. Yet…

When I think of luxury bags, I think of Mulberry as I am sure many of you do too. They are just a classic. However, they have not lost their class like many other brands have. Louis Vuitton while still be very classic and timeless; I feel have lost some prestige with the fakes out there. Mulberry don’t seem to have this. Don’t get me wrong I am all for a dupe, but fakes are something that I would never want. As you pay over the odds for something that is not the real thing. Back to the point; Mulberry have brought out a new twist on the classic Bayswater, and I just love it. It is still classic but with a modern twist. They have some really exciting colours but I personally have fallen in love with the bright orange one, see it here. Yes, you may say ‘what?!’ but I don’t wear much colour and this would just bring the most amazing pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit. In terms of a dupe, I would say that this one from Fiorelli is the closest that you are going to get. Personally, I love this one and think I would make a great addition to a spring wardrobe.

I hear so much about this next bag and honestly, I completely get why. I like a structured bag. Yes, you fit less in it, and they are less practical, blah blah, but I think they are beautiful and don’t care about the practicalities really. So the Givenchy Antigona in my eyes is a work of pure art. I am not a particularly girly girl. But you may have seen in my recent post on the frill trend that I have been drawn into that somewhat girly trend. My next revelation is pink. To be more precise is this baby / candy floss pink that seems to be everywhere. The Antigona is a beautiful baby pink colour and this would, once again, look great with cream summer shades. The Antigona has so much space is available in different sizes. For a dupe, it is difficult to find something very similar but this one from Calvin Klein has is similarly structured and is also in this baby pink that I am now loving. It is available here on ASOS.

Hope you enjoyed this style of post and are making the most of the first spring months. See you again in my next post.

Hannah xo


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