Embroidered Trend: Hit or Miss?

With Hannah’s post on the frill trend (click here to read!)proving to be a success, I’ve decided to add to the collection and share my thoughts on another current trend.

After having some gorgeous days over the past week, it really feels like spring is finally here and I’m totally loving it.What I love about trends is that you can still carry your own style with a flare of current fashion too, especially with this embroidery style.

With spring’s recent arrival, the wardrobe transition is in full swing and I’m really enjoying some of the fashions for this season. I’m going to touch on my favourite variations on this trend and some examples of it.


For some reason, I much prefer the embroidery to be on blue denim instead of black. Think it just looks better, can’t explain it haha. Also, whilst the ‘Mom’ style jeans look amazing on other people, I feel like, being the twig that I am, they just won’t sit right on me and so I always veer towards a skinnier style of jean. Quite a fan of these ones (right) from Topshop and I love the floral embroidered style of them as well as the fact that they’re cropped, making them perfect for spring-summer. Also love the faded denim of the Zara ones (left) and they look a little more ‘worn’ which I quite like. The Zara website doesn’t half do my head in, however – far too edgy for me haha!




I’m a massive fan of shirt dresses because of my body shape, they give me a lil’ extra somethin’ that my twig body is missing and I would wear them every day if I could. I find they’re also very versatile for the occasion too and are easy to dress up or make more casual. I really love this Boohoo shirt dress (right) that’s available on ASOS.com – think it would look super cute paired with brown, braided belt, and a pair of sandals in the summer.

For something a little more ‘dressy’, I really like this Black Dress with Applique overlay (left) from Miss Selfridge. It’s a little more edgy but I’m loving the long sleeves. I think paired with some strappy heels and a plain clutch it would look super classy. I also like that the ’embroidery’ detail isn’t too extravagant on this one too.

Shirts & Blouses

For Spring-Summer fashion, I really love a blouse-blue jean combo. I think it’s super fresh and whilst it’s not very ‘girly’ I think it’s still feminine and I love it. Tend to pair the outfit with some dainty Converse pumps (find here), a braided hairstyle, and my fave pair of gold Rayban aviators.

Whilst these are all relatively similar, I couldn’t choose between them. I’m not sure the photo really does the one on the left (click here) much justice because I saw it on someone I follow on Instagram and totally fell in love. It’s definitely not something I would usually go for but something just really drew me to it. Also really love the simplicity of the shape of the one in the centre (click here) but I think I would roll the sleeves up. Whilst the shape of the one on the right (click here) is again, totally different, I love it too and I think the embroidery on this one is my favourite out of the three. Again, I would pair all of these with a pair of blue jeans.


I’m never usually very adventurous when it comes to jackets and coats however when browsing online for items to include in this post, these ones really caught my eye.

I already currently own a plain leather jacket from Topshop (a similar one linked here and here) and like I said, have never been too bothered about looking into something different however this one really jumped out. This Faux leather Jacket (click here) from Miss Selfridge has a gorgeous detailing on the shoulder and isn’t too OTT which I like.

Years ago I used to own a denim jacket however when my arms became too chunky for it I had to part ways with it and never replaced it. This denim Jacket (click here) from Urban Outfitters is definitely something I would consider. I love it’s oversize-ness and the pale colour of it is perfect for spring-summer. I think I would probably roll the sleeves up because, again, that’s just my style. Love the use of the fresh colours and think it would fit perfectly in my wardrobe!

Skirts & Body Suits

Appliqué body suits are a slight variation on the embroidered trend and I’ve seen them everywhere. It’s been difficult to find one that doesn’t make your boobs look weird and saggy though and I’m super fussy about that; but after seeing one of my friends post a photo on Instagram a while ago in a nice one, I’ve been on the hunt for it – finally found it! (Left) I like how it’s high neck so you’ve not got flesh and cleavage showing so it’s a little more modest. Also love the positioning and style of the appliqué too. Would pair it with high-waisted black jeans, a plain leather or black denim skirt, or a pair of leather-look leggings.

I’ve also been looking for the perfect leather skirt for ages now and I’ve never really found one that’s quite right. I’m not a massive fan of panelling or visible zips and so have really struggled to find one I’ve fallen in love with. This one (centre) however, really caught my eye (click here).I love the fit and shape of it and think it would even flatter my twiggy legs!

Hannah recently bought herself the plain black version (here) of this denim skirt (here) from Topshop and now I really want one too but think it would be silly to buy the same as her. I was looking for a blue denim version of this one and I’m sure it exists, I just couldn’t find it (UPDATE: Finally found it! See here). I wouldn’t style it the way it has been in the photo below, however; I would be more likely to put a tight-fitting top on top and then if the weather was cooler I’d put tights and my knee-high boots on (see Hannah’s post here on styling high-knee boots!)

I’ve created a Pinterest board (linked here) of all the items I’ve mentioned in this post as well as loads of others that I’ve fallen in love with.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your favourite items from the trend are. See you again on Wednesday with Hannah’s new post.

Annie xo


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