Film Review: Beauty and The Beast

Holy effing shizballs.

 I freaking loved this movie. I was born at the beginning of ’98 so Beauty and the Beast was one of the Disney Princess films of my ‘era’ and I reckon I’ve watched it about a million times in my lifetime; so, as you can probably imagine, I was so so excited to see the live action film.

I know it’s something quite different to what Hannah and I usually publish on our blog but I loved it so much I just had to give my opinion.


I don’t think this could have been any more perfect. Emma Watson was god-damn perfect. Who even knew she could sing? She’s such a normal woman and so relatable, so watching her playing Belle, I almost felt like I was living a dream through her. The costumes she wore were perfect, the way she portrayed the character was bang-on-point and I don’t think I could fault her.

Dan Stevens made me basically fancy the beast (lol), I really liked him from Downton Abbey anyway so when I heard he was playing the beast I almost weed with excitement. I know I’m so OTT but it’s freaking Beauty and the Beast so I can’t help it haha. He brought so much personality to the character and the little extra elements they embedded into the storyline were brilliant and gave him a little more background. The way he played it made it so believable and surprise surprise, I cried at the end.

All of the furniture items were brilliant also. Can’t fault it.


Whilst it was pretty close to the original story line almost perfectly, there were little elements that modernised it a bit and I really liked that.

One perfect addition to the storyline was the fact that Belle was seen teaching another young girl to read after being criticised for it, which I think reflects Emma Watson and her values and was a really nice extra to see.

With the inclusion of a few extra songs, a little more of Belle and The Beast’s pasts are revealed and they fit in as if they were always there. Truly heartbreaking moments within the film but lovely nevertheless.

After the massive uproar of the sexuality of Le Fou (Gaston’s sidekick) all over the internet, I was really aware of him and what he was like the whole way through the film and this really bothered me. He played the role amazingly and added a great level of humour to the whole film. In the end, the tiny moment that all the uproar was about was really well done and hardly even noticeable. Really tasteful and in my opinion, would be a great level of small exposure to what is out in the big wide world for younger children; should they even notice it anyway!?

My mum and I also noticed that Belle was never notified of the reason he had been turned into a beast or why there was the rose or how the spell could be broken which we thought was a really nice touch. Not giving out any spoilers (because the main storyline is quite well known anyway) but it was lovely to think she returned because she loved him and not because she knew she needed to set everyone free from the curse. The love story ended in such a beautiful way and I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Blubbered like a baby in fact but Dan Stevens just did a brilliant job of tugging on my heart strings. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Set & Filming: 

The set was absolutely gorgeous. I watched a lot of behind the scenes before going to see the movie so I know that majority of it was real but for the benefit of IMAX viewers, they increased the scope of the shots with green screen and it was done really well. The style in which all the furniture and the rooms were designed was incredible and really classy. I’d say it was an upgrade to the original film, style-wise. It also added to the grandeur of the castle and made it really magical.


The originals were done beautifully and adapted for the live action version and done in such a way I’m not sure the average person would even notice.

Additionally, the new songs added were so lovely and I thought they had a bit of a ‘Les Miserables’ feel to them which I thought was amazing.

The score done by Alan Menken was incredible and added to the story and emotion of the film so well.

My only criticism of the whole film would be the slight use of autotune on Emma Watson in a couple of the songs. Because her character is played in quite a ‘raw’ fashion and she is so relatable, it would have been nice to hear her raw, unedited voice and even if it had cracked or broken in the higher notes, I think I would have liked that.

The icing on the cake, for me, was Celine Dion’s version of ‘How does a moment last forever’ (a new addition to the film setlist) and really brought it round in a full circle.

So, overall, this film for me was perfect; right down to the last detail. Even the end credits were beautiful. 11/10 recommend this film and I want to go see it again and again and again!

Hope you enjoyed this style of post, let me know if you’ve seen it too and what you thought!

Annie xo


3 thoughts on “Film Review: Beauty and The Beast

  1. You, my friend, have made me more excited to watch it! Beauty and the Beast is one amazinnngggg story I read/watched as a kid. It’s live action version seems so interesting already, but unfortunately I haven’t got the chance nor the time to watch it ;-; and you’ve successfully added to the regrets.

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