Wardrobe Spring Clean

I like many others was in serious need of a wardrobe clear out. My issue had reached quite serious levels of bad. I have a wardrobe at uni and one at home. Well at home my clothes span the wardrobe and two chests of draws. So yes a serious sort out was needed. As most of my stuff at uni was winter knits and the like I decided to bring literally all of my clothes home and start again with my uni wardrobe and also have a massive clear out.

I needed to be brutal, like really brutal. I just do not have the room.  I started with hangers, this may sound silly but I had hangers from here there and everywhere. So now all my hangers are the velvety non slip hangers. I love these because they are small and wider necked tops don’t slip off. Honestly is there anything more annoying than finding tops on the floor of the wardrobe because they have just slipped of those pretty but silly wooden hangers.

Once all my hangers were matching, it was down to the actual sorting. If I could not think of at least three outfits that I could wear a item with or it didn’t inspire me then it had to go. Also, if I hadn’t worn the item recently or I couldn’t remember the last time I had worn the item it would also have to go.

I found it so satisfying sectioning off all of my clothes into different parts of the wardrobe. All my jeans are in one part in colour order then knit is in another part organised by different neckline. By doing this I can easily know where all my stuff is and if I am reaching for one style of item then I can see other items that are similar which I think will help me to reach for some of my other clothes not just the few things that I always go for. The things that don’t crease and therefore don’t need hanging up are in my chest of draws piled neatly so that I know where everything is.

“Everything thing has a place and everything is in its place”

By doing this I managed to sort out all my clothes and now have a much reduced wardrobe. I then sorted through the clothes that I am going to get rid of into a donate pile and into sell pile. I would like to sell some of the stuff but I need to find somewhere to sell them. If I manage to sell some of my old clothes I would like to put it towards filling some of the gaps in my wardrobe. From having this sort out I was able to see what I had a lot of – knitwear and what I was lacking – trousers that aren’t jeans and tops that aren’t just basic tees.

I also lack ‘spring’ clothes and really struggle to know what to wear in the spring. I would like to think that I would be wearing little jackets maybe no outerwear but I just struggle to be inspired by spring clothing. So I hope that with the new space in my wardrobe I will be able to fill it with spring clothes that inspire me.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and have maybe inspired you to have a clear out of your own. If you have any tips for selling on my clothes or for further clearing out let me know in the comments.

Hannah xo


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