Wardrobe Spring Clean

I like many others was in serious need of a wardrobe clear out. My issue had reached quite serious levels of bad. I have a wardrobe at uni and one at home. Well at home my clothes span the wardrobe and two chests of draws. So yes a serious sort out was needed. As most […]

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Embroidered Trend: Hit or Miss?

With Hannah’s post on the frill trend (click here to read!)proving to be a success, I’ve decided to add to the collection and share my thoughts on another current trend. After having some gorgeous days over the past week, it really feels like spring is finally here and I’m totally loving it.What I love about […]

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Food for Thought

Hello. Last week, for me, was pretty shocking and I’ve decided this week is a new start and to try and change my outlook. Hopefully, this post help you do the same. With the massive blur of International Women’s Day last week, I have been inspired to write a blog post of a somewhat different nature this […]

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Day Out: Wisley Gardens

Hello! I thought we’d have a bit of a change from the usual beauty and fashion posts that we usually post and thought I’d share some of the beautiful photos that I took on my day out to Wisley Gardens with my grandparents and little cousin. We originally went to look around the butterfly house […]

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The One Lovely Blog Award

We were nominated for this award a couple of weeks ago now but life has just been a bit manic and we haven’t quite got round to it. We were nominated by the lovely GiltsAndGlamz. Her blog gives great tips on hair, makeup and how to look after yourself; which we love! We think these […]

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Our Favourite Pancake Recipe

Happy pancake day! Although it’s not usual for us to post on a Tuesday, we thought we’d make an exception because pancakes are something we make on a regular basis and have our recipe nailed. We must admit, the recipe isn’t our own, it’s a Nigella classic but it’s delicious nonetheless and thought you definitely […]

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