Holy Grail: Concealers

Thank god it’s Friday! We’ve both been essay writing this week and I cannot think of anything more draining. In today’s blog post we will be sharing our favourite concealers with you. We decided to pick 3 different types of concealers that all do different jobs to try and keep it interesting. We hope you […]

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What’s in My Bag?

It’s Wednesday! Finally the middle of the week. The weekend is so close yet so far. So today I am going to share with you guys, what is in my bag. These are my everyday essentials that I carry with me everywhere with me. In this post I will also share the makeup bag full […]

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Collective Beauty Haul

TGIF! Last weekend we went shopping (yes, we braved the shopping mall on a Saturday… don’t even!) and spent far too much money, so thought we’d share with you what we bought. Elizabeth Arden ‘8hr Beauty Must Haves’ Skincare Gift Set  If you’ve read my beauty wish list, you will know that I’ve had my […]

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Evening Pamper Routine

Happy Monday! With all the frosty weather we have been having recently, I have been in the mood for relaxing evenings and taking a bit more care of myself. Here are the products I like to use when having a relaxing night in. I do this routine between 1 and 2 times a week, depending […]

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Top 5 Faves

  Bobbi Brown Night Cream: Night cream was something that I never thought was necessary to add to my already quite lengthy skin routine, but when I was in the store I was persuaded by the ever cunning sales people. However no regrets, this is the best thing to happen to my skin. I use […]

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